Changing The Debate On Stem Cells

Right now, those who support embryonic stem cell research, generally, those on the Left, are attempting to change the debate, just like they attempted with illegal immigration.

When the debate on illegal immigration boiled over, those who supported illegal immigration/opposed President Bush attempted to changed the debate to one encompasing all immigration. Now, they attempt to do the same by saying those evil right wingers are against all stem cell research, instead of the embryonic research that Michael J. Fox's three commercials brought up.

Leading the way is the official blog of the Democratic Party as written by Tracy Russo(I should mention that I have had a rather civil discussion over there. Not a debate, not an argument, but, a discussion.)

It still boggles my mind that anyone can oppose the life-saving possibilities that stem cell research offers. Ideology standing in the way of public policy. Religion in the way of science. It's outrageous.

Michael J. Fox has been a tireless advocate for the cause – putting a very public and well-recognized face on the issue. The American people overwhelmingly support expanding federal funding of stem cell research, and yet, the Republicans in Washington, bowing to the pressure from their extreme right-wing base, have prevented the passage of this legislation. Their actions have consequences for the millions of Americans living with diseases that scientists believe can treated or cured based on stem cell research. They are standing in the way of discovering cures for some of the worst ailments. And it has got to stop.

Democrats support this life saving research…..

The problem, Ms. Russo, is that the debate is strictly about embryonic stem cell research and using federal funds for it. There are many who want to stop the research even in the private sector on moral grounds. They are entitled to their opinions. Also in the mix are those who see the research as worthless, since, while the research has shown promise in cures, what comes with said cures are tumors. Lots of them, in high proportion to those test subjects.

Republicans support research into stem cells, just not embryonic, and not with federal money for embryonic, so please, spare us your histrionics and slurs. We prefer to deal with research that has show not only promise, but results, sans tumors, such as adult and placental stem cell research. Also, those two do not require the painful removal of eggs nor the aborting of children.

The Daily Kosistan attempts the same type of misdirection, "written" by Markos himself, by excerpting, with little discussion, an article that shows Americans support for stem cell research rising after seeing the commercial. But, the questions asked do not appear to discuss what types of research. Try it with embryonic, and we'll see where the numbers go.

Personally, as a sidebar to the Missouri vote, cloning doesn't bother me, as long as ESC's aren't used. Perhaps I have read too much science fiction, but, I do not have an issue with it. I do have an isse with people obsfucating the issue with mindless chatter and irrelevent "facts."

More: The Anchoress has a very interesting article on Michael J. Fox appearing on cBS with Katie Couric, which everyone should read. Especially since the Anchoress was probably one of the only people to watch the broadcast. It is also cross posted at Captain's Quarters.

You can read Katie's gushing words for Fox here, with a video supposedly coming.

But, wait:

And he emphasized that, despite what his critics have charged, in his words, “I’m not a victim.” He said he spent years having teenage girls put his poster on the wall, but that he threw his vanity out the window years ago. What matters now, he said, is finding a cure for Parkinson’s.

No matter how you feel about the issue of embryonic stem cell research, you can’t help but be moved by Michael J. Fox’s courage.

So, Fox says he is not a victim, and Katie follows up by saying he is. But, at least she understands what the debate is over, I'll give that to her.

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4 Responses to “Changing The Debate On Stem Cells”

  1. Greta says:

    I am with you on this one. Deceit on the issue bothers me more than the issue itself.

  2. Those on the left refuse to acknowledge that ESC research is a waste, because that would harm abortion on demand.

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