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Vive La Difference! GOP vs Defeatocrat

From GOP.gov, hat tip to the ever lovely Beth. So, who ya going to vote for?

It’s Politics

Bumped to Saturday  Far be it for a much smaller blogger like me to disagree with Michelle Malkin, but, in regards to her post on Politics and Pulp Fiction, I must disagree. The post is about George Allen's campaign releasing information about a sexual charged book written by Allen's opponent, James Webb. You can see […]

Never To Early For Surrender Candidates

Huzzah! We have the first official Democratic Surrender candidate! News Advisory: WHO: Former United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel WHAT: Major Foreign Policy Address: "Stepping Back From Imperialism: Redirecting American Foreign Policy" WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 1, 7 p.m. Media Availability: At the conclusion of Q & A WHERE: The New Hampshire Institute of […]

Dems Wuv Illegals

From Newswire: "Today, the wheels are officially in motion for construction of the physical barriers and infrastructure along the border. The Secure Fence Act helps secure our border by increasing the physical barriers and by providing state of the art monitoring technology. "House Republicans are responding to this current crisis and my colleagues and I […]

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