Vive La Difference! GOP vs Defeatocrat

From, hat tip to the ever lovely Beth.

Republicans vs. Democrats

So, who ya going to vote for?

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2 Responses to “Vive La Difference! GOP vs Defeatocrat”

  1. 8 Questions for the Democratic party….

    Number 8 is really the main question that keeps racing in my head about the Democratic party. Do they want us to win? If so, why have they voted against almost every bill that would help us remain safe as a country? I think these questions need to be a…

  2. Republican/Democrat Comparisons…

    Here is a graphic illustration of the key differences between Republican and Democratic stands on key issues according to the folks over at the website. To paraphrase Fox News; I report, you decide.

    A tip o’ the cap to The Pirate’s Cov…

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