Daily Archives: October 22, 2006

Not Voting? This Is What The Next 2 Years Will Be

Meanwhile, the Muzzies will be laughing all the way to their caliphate. (sign made from RedKid) The Jawa Report has more reasons to vote GOP. Cao is hip with the Why Vote Republican video. Stop The ACLU has a video of Pelosi saying that she did not have sexual relations with that woman there would […]

American Flag Business

Check it out, y'all. Another wonderful blogger to add to the American Flag Roll. Give it up for Wake Up America Welcome aboard, Matey!

Dems Happy “Good News From Iraq” Dried Up

Do you want another reason to vote GOP this November? How about this? A friend sent me over a link to the RNC site. Curious about what kind of propaganda was so amusing that it would be worthy of sharing, I went to check it out. The section, "Posts on Good News From Iraq" popped […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

A Happy Sunday to all! This one is by Gil Elvgren, and drat that global warming that has made it too cold outside for a nice picnic!

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