Not Voting? This Is What The Next 2 Years Will Be

Meanwhile, the Muzzies will be laughing all the way to their caliphate.

(sign made from RedKid)

The Jawa Report has more reasons to vote GOP.

Cao is hip with the Why Vote Republican video.

Stop The ACLU has a video of Pelosi saying that she did not have sexual relations with that woman there would be no impeachment hearings.

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3 Responses to “Not Voting? This Is What The Next 2 Years Will Be”

  1. Making Them Lame Ducks is Enough for Pelosi…

    Exactly who will win and who will lose if that happens? Will the president lose anything? The republican party? Or will it be us, the American people that end up the losers?

    Think about that. Vote in November and Vote Republican….

  2. Scrapiron says:

    If they attempt to impeach President Bush won’t they also have to impeach Slick Willie (again), Hillary, Hanoi John, The swimmer Kennedy, Turbin Durbin and at least 25 more of the democrats. There are public records of statements they all made regarding WMD in Iraq. I’ll bet they would accept the fact that over 700 WMD found by the U.S. military really are WMD. Can’t bring charges against one without charges against all.They can try but there will be a violent revolt in this country they aren’t counting on.

  3. Sorry, Scrapiron, according to liberal doctrine, they were “misled” by Pres bush. Not sure how they were misled back in the 1990’s through 2000, but, that’s what they say and “feel.”

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