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Kim Jong Sets Off Nuke

Super secret photo of Kim Jong Il setting off his nuclear weapon. Now we know why it was just a tiny one. Take away his DVD player, internet(s), and his credit card! More at Hot Air. Heh!

North Korea Nukes, Sanctions, And Dumpster Diving

Quick thoughts:  Yeah, we all know about the supposed North Korean nuke test. I'm not all that worried. Kim Jong Porno is just trying his next form of extortion. The US won't blink, like when Clinton was President, but, will other countries? The big dog will be China. China's response will be important. Do they […]

Vernon Robinson For Congress (NC-13)

I believe this is the video that is driving the proggies nuts [gv data=”JwCiCbvlRzM”][/gv] Rather then refuting any part of the political ad, the Lefties are simply attacking Robinson. Brad Miller (D-NC), the current representative for NC-13, voted for gay marriage, against the wall on the Mexican border, against protecting the Flag of the United […]

If The Dems Win In 2006

I have noticed interesting debates around the blogosphere regarding what happens if the Democrats win in 2006. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed had one on this site, and John Lillpop has a very interesting one over at Basil's. And I, for one, believe that there is a good chance that the Democrats will take over the […]

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