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Voting For The GOP Yet? Kerry Gives a Reason To Do That

What else is there to say about Lurch that hasn't already been said by so many people so well today? Except that this is the guy that the Dems voted for in 2004, and he undoubtably plans on running in 2008 for President. Will the Dems get behind this guy? Don't have time to to troll […]

Vote GOP, Ladies and Gents!


Duke Lacrosse: Scary DA’s Office

Just in time for Halloween, Durham DA Mike Nifong tells us about his biggest case The latest questions about Nifong's handling of the case came last week, after he said he and his staff have yet to interview the accuser about the facts of the case, leaving that work to police. He said Monday his […]

Tuesday Linkfest: Happy Halloween!

Yes, it is Halloween, and exactly one week till the midterm elections. –Beth is dressed in her finest costume (hint: choose her Pumpkin theme) –Raven has the scary Blackbeard (hello!!!!!) –Blogs For Bush has Night of the Living Dead –The Bullwinkle Blog does the Monster Mash –Confederate Yankee (scary enuff, y'all!) has a Maryland Shocker […]

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