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Iraq Important Issue For Elections

Newest CNN poll, 9/22-9/24: Question: "How important will each of the following issues be to your vote for Congress this year? Will it be extremely important, very important, moderately important, or not that important? The situation in Iraq." (only about 500 were polled nationwide) *Extremely Important: 46% *Very Important: 36% *Moderately Important: 14% *Not That Important: […]

Midday Cute and Not Cute

Cute:   Not Cute And a slight update in this space. A Turkish airline was hijacked. Two Turks protesting Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Turkey next month hijacked a jet carrying 113 people from Albania to Istanbul on Tuesday, and it landed safely in the southern Italian coastal city, where they surrendered, officials said. The two […]

Iraq Army Takes Control Of Forces Near Fallujah

More good news from Iraq (from DefenseLink) Iraq’s army took a leap toward greater independent responsibility yesterday when the 1st Iraqi Army Division assumed operational control of another brigade. Marines and soldiers of Regimental Combat Team 5, based in Fallujah, turned over operational control of Iraqi soldiers assigned to 4th Brigade to the 1st Iraqi […]

Go Balloons! Tuesday Linkfest

And a happy Tuesday to everyone. Remember this little sanfu by the Democrats? [gv data=”9FTtIbkTWTY”][/gv] They never really could get the balloons to materialize. Seems very much like a harbinger of things to come after that convention, in regards to any plans and ideas. The Dems will try and hide what they want done from […]

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