Go Balloons! Tuesday Linkfest

And a happy Tuesday to everyone. Remember this little sanfu by the Democrats?

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They never really could get the balloons to materialize. Seems very much like a harbinger of things to come after that convention, in regards to any plans and ideas. The Dems will try and hide what they want done from the American people, except in drips and drabs. Like this from the US Senate Republican Policy Committee:

  • — An analysis of the voting record and public statements indicate that, if Democrats controlled Congress, federal spending would rise to unprecedented levels, tax cuts would be repealed, and pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) would be reinstated.
  • — The combination of these policies would result not just in the reversal of recently enacted tax relief, but also steep tax increases for many Americans.
  • — Senate Democrats' voting record shows that they would prefer to increase spending throughout the government. In the cases when they have sought to offset increased spending, they have typically done so by proposing a tax increase.
  • — For FY 2006, Democrats proposed an additional $95 billion in funding. Because most spending ends up in the baseline and subsequently increases at the rate of inflation, these amendments for FY06 would have resulted in over $500 billion in additional spending over five years.
  • For FY 2007, Democrats have already proposed 27 amendments to increase spending by $74.5 billion; however, Republicans successfully defeated all but two of these amendments. (why not all? You control Congress.)
  • Democrats are quick to respond that they have a "plan" to offset their spending increases through PAYGO, a budget mechanism with an unproven track record.
  • — PAYGO would hinder the extension of tax relief and institutionalize the Democrat strategy of increasing taxes to pay for increased spending.
  • — If Democrats controlled Congress, Americans can expect both increased taxes and resistance to efforts to permanently extend the 2001 and 2003 tax relief.
  • — The tax relief that the Republicans have provided over the last five years has spurred economic growth and kept money in the pockets of millions of taxpayers — trends that should continue.
  • Republicans have fought against wasteful spending, proposed new budget process reforms, and minimized the tax burden of our nation's citizens. Until Democrats stop proposing excessive spending increases offset by tax hikes and start offering genuine reform, the Democrat plan is not worth considering. (sorry, had to strike that first line-WT)

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