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Must Have Halloween Costumes

Take note, you bastiches!!!!!!! :p A single word comes to mind regarding what’s hot in Halloween costumes this year: arrr! While that might not pass for a word, the store managers, costume buyers and owners of famous costume shops we spoke with did utter a single word to describe this year’s hottest costume. “Pirates,” says […]

Chris Dodd Joins The Official Surrender Monkey Clan

Not that I am surprised in the least, we have Senator Christopher Dodd (Defeatocrat-Conn) joining the Clan of the Surrender Monkey. I guess he is tired of letting so many other North East liberals, like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, Charlie Rangle, and Chuck Schumer, be the Left Wing focal points (via Blogs For […]

Thirsty Thursday Linkfest: Give A Dean Scream and Vote GOP!

Happy Thursday, all you cwazy neocons! Why vote Republican [gv data=”KJmbomyq0fc”][/gv] You have to check some of the unhinged comments at the link. Now, many on the Right have expressed concern over the way many elected Republicans are acting. Not to put to fine a point on it, but, THEY ARE POLITICIANS! They are not […]

Stop The ACLU Blogburst 10/19/06

From the official Stop The ACLU blogburst The ACLU Claims to Be Most Conservative Organization in America This week the ACLU held its 2006 membership conference. Over 1,500 moonbats from across the U.S. gathered to listen to the ACLU alarmist exaggerations and lies. The event was televised on CSPAN and there were some interesting moments such […]

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