Daily Archives: October 25, 2006

Liberal Doctrine Invades Roget’s Thesaurus

I was rooking up some words to make a sirry response to this post by Beth at Brue Star Chronicres, and wanted something simirar to racist with and "L" in it. What did I find? Here is the entry for bigot: Main Entry: bigot Part of Speech: noun Definition: persecutor Synonyms: bug, crank, diehard, doctrinaire, […]

WTW: Muslims Vote Dem, And So Should You

Morning, infidels, Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here. Redneck Jebediah thought he could stop the caliphate by cutting off my internet. I'm back. This story shows that the Democratic Party is the best party, and everyone should vote for them (h/t to Infidel hottie Kim) More American Muslims are now supporting the Democratic Party but their […]

Harold Ford Video No Longer Racist

Watching the little kerfluffle over the Republican video, which you can catch at Right Wing News, I wonder what it would be like without the Playboy woman. A little snip here, a minor cut there, and, walla! [gv data=”W5LFGI74wDY”][/gv] Is it still "racist?" What will the liberals find to complain about now? It just goes […]

WTW: Dems Say “Sex Is Bad”

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here, taking back the reins of White Trash Wednesday from Prophet Sallami Sallami. And, can you believe this? AUSTIN, Texas – The willowy brunette laughed heartily, lustily, as she dismissed the notion that her romance novel full of steamy sex scenes crossed the line into pornography. "Everybody thinks it's fun," said Susan Combs, […]

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