Harold Ford Video No Longer Racist

Watching the little kerfluffle over the Republican video, which you can catch at Right Wing News, I wonder what it would be like without the Playboy woman. A little snip here, a minor cut there, and, walla!

[gv data=”W5LFGI74wDY”][/gv]

Is it still "racist?" What will the liberals find to complain about now? It just goes to show that the only thing liberals can do is complain. They cannot address actual issues.

Well, they could probably complain about this

Hot Air has more.

Linked to Stop The ACLU

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3 Responses to “Harold Ford Video No Longer Racist”

  1. c.a. Marks says:

    I want to know how it was racist before? What? Because a white woman looked into the camera and said, “call me”.


    WTF? How is that racist?

  2. William Teach says:

    It’s racist in Liberal World. Apparently, they have issues with white women coming on to black men.

  3. The RNC ad and those racist Democrats…

    Watch this ad.  And since you are feeling obedient, send me money.  Thank you. 

    The Democrats decry this as racist.
    OK so exactly how is this racist?  According to the Democras, because the girl in the playboy party segment is…

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