WTW: Dems Say “Sex Is Bad”

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here, taking back the reins of White Trash Wednesday from Prophet Sallami Sallami. And, can you believe this?

AUSTIN, Texas – The willowy brunette laughed heartily, lustily, as she dismissed the notion that her romance novel full of steamy sex scenes crossed the line into pornography.

"Everybody thinks it's fun," said Susan Combs, who happens to be Texas agriculture commissioner and is now running for state comptroller, the top financial post. "It's lighthearted and entertaining."

Combs, a 61-year-old Republican who champions abstinence education and is a darling of Texas conservatives, is being portrayed by her Democratic opponent as a smutmonger and a hypocrite for writing a 1990 bodice-ripper titled "A Perfect Match."

I reckon we have already seen the Democrats have hissy fits over Foley and his gay adventures, smearing him for his alternative, and so far, legal, lifestyle. You even have scumbag Michael Rogers (who shan't be linked) trying to "out" more Republicans. Now, those puritanical Democrats have issues with a romance book.

What's more, the Democrats have managed to piss off romance writers around the country

Romance writers in Texas and across the country have bristled at any suggestion their work is pornography.

Houston writer Shana Galen pointed out that the heroes and heroines in her three romance novels end up getting married. In her latest book, "No Man's Bride," they tie the knot before the fifth chapter.

You just cannot make this stuff up. And it proves yet again that the Dems will do and say anything to win elections.

The Bullwinkle Blog takes a look at an infamous liberal and her sex chats.

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