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Dirty Bombs At NFL Stadiums?

Rusty says to color him skepticle with a hint of worry. Little Green Footballs also highlights still wanted terrorist Adnan Al-Shukrijuma. Really, Houston? Oakland? Obviously, the terroristards haven't been watching the season so far. But, you know the leftards are going to have their normal BDS hissy fits. – Dirty Bombs? I'm more afraid of "Dirty […]

Fewer Bees Bad For Crops: Bush’s Fault

Bush Derangement Syndrome on display. The thread at the DU starts out as thus TechBear_Seattle:  Fewer pollinators mean trouble for crops. Honeybees and bumblebees have been infected by the introduction of a parasite, while destruction of cave roosts has led to a decline in the bat population, according to a report released Wednesday by the […]

O’Reilly On Lynne Stewart

Pay attention to right before minute three starts [gv data=”_TsOe6ahSmo”][/gv] That’s right, George Soros gave up $20K for Stewart’s defense. The “radical left,” which is really the mainstream of the Democratic Party now-a-days, follows Soros and his preachings to the hilt. A cruise around the left-o-sphere shows nary a peep out of anyone about Stewart. […]

WTW: Torture? You Call That Torture

Good morning, infidels. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here, and I am amazed at all the hand wringing coming from your American Left/Democrats over the so called "terrorist torture" bill. Like the Hon. Elizebeth Holtzman "Today will go down in the annals of infamy. By signing the military tribunals bill into law, President Bush has taken […]

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