Fewer Bees Bad For Crops: Bush’s Fault

Bush Derangement Syndrome on display. The thread at the DU starts out as thus

TechBear_Seattle:  Fewer pollinators mean trouble for crops.

Honeybees and bumblebees have been infected by the introduction of a parasite, while destruction of cave roosts has led to a decline in the bat population, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Research Council.

Other pollinator declines may also be associated with habitat loss but more research is needed to make sure, according to the council, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences.

More detailed research has been done in Europe, where declines and even extinctions of pollinators have been documented.

A very simple story about issues with bees and bats, which means issues with crops, since they won't get pollinated. The follow up response?

 SpiralHawk   BushCo Farm Plan: "We'll get the proles to do the pollinating"

So there is absolutely nothing to worry about. There is a "job" in your future after all. Don't let these liberal eco-weenies scare you with reality.

The republicons are totally on top of the issue, and you can rest assured they will find a way to make themselves a MASSIVE PROFIT out of this dilemma using your labor. Besides, as the republicons say, this is an effective way to rid our planet of excess population, so there will be more for the self-designated "elites."

So rest easy.

Big BushCo really does loves you.

Seriously, you just cannot make this stuff up. Everthing is apparently Bush's fault. I'm sure this little freak who got her tongue pierced so she could give better BJ's (must be a Monica fan) and now has pain blames Bush.

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2 Responses to “Fewer Bees Bad For Crops: Bush’s Fault”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    There is definetly a problem with lack of bee’s for polination, but the problem stems from the enviromental whacko’s, not the president. It has nothing to do with lack of habitat. It has all to do with lack of chemicals to treat the diseases that are killing the tame bee’s and the invasion of Killer bees from south america. Try and stop that and the lefties will go as crazy as they are about stopping the invasion of the criminal aliens. They are right about one thing, there are no illegal aliens, there are millions of ‘criminal’ aliens.
    Just like the ban on DDT is killing millions in Africa the ban on farm chemicals will kill millions around the world. It won’t be but a few years until the U.S. will be hard pressed to feed it’s own and a few friendly countries, so the Islamic idiots will pay the price for their stupidity. Can’t shoot them all, starve them to death. Sounds like a plan to me.

  2. The lefties seem to love the environment more then the human race, but then end up watching nature in destructive mode because we can’t do things to save it.

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