Dirty Bombs At NFL Stadiums?

Rusty says to color him skepticle with a hint of worry. Little Green Footballs also highlights still wanted terrorist Adnan Al-Shukrijuma.

Really, Houston? Oakland? Obviously, the terroristards haven't been watching the season so far.

But, you know the leftards are going to have their normal BDS hissy fits.

  • – Dirty Bombs? I'm more afraid of "Dirty Tricks" from the present regime. Although I wouldn't put it past them irradiating some of their own citizens to further their crime spree. By: charrington
  • – The October Surprise? Are any of us surprised? By: navymom
  • – Here we go with "the scare the shit out of Americans" republican campaign tactic. Any coincidence that those stadiums are near hotly contested races? Wont surprise me if the world series and a nascar event becomes part of this sick, psychotic behavior within the next 2 weeks By: surferchickpdx
  • – This certainly looks like the begining
    of Rove's "October Surprise." By: liberaldawg
  • – A stadium filled with people is a poor choice for a terror target. Terrorists want to control as many variables as possible, namely place, time, and method. By targeting a sporting event, or any event, you surrender control over the time variable. The fact that we are discussing it at all means it is not a real plot. By: coaltrain (actually, stadiums are great spots. 40-50K people in a confined space, live national TV)

Liberals. The gift that just keeps on giving.

Do you realize that at least 90% of the time I search the leftard sites for a companion piece, I find it quickly, usually having to go no farther then the Huff Post or page 2 of the DU forum? Rarely do I ever have to go farther to find the loonacy. Kosbat is a waste nowadays, as the nutroots spends most of their time posting on all the Congressional races. Yawn.

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5 Responses to “Dirty Bombs At NFL Stadiums?”

  1. Van Helsing says:

    What’s really clever is the way the government immediately cast doubt on the threat. That way no one but DUmmies and HuffPo moonbats would be clever enough to suspect that it was all a Karl Rove conspiracy.

  2. The sad part is if one actually went off, the loons would blame BushCo and Rove for it, not the Muzzies

  3. Web Site Claims Dirty Bombs Will Explode This Sunday…

    An Internet posting that said the Georgia Dome and six other NFL stadiums will be hit by radiological dirty bombs this weekend.


  4. Ogre says:

    I’m still waiting for the leftards to blame Bush for the massive decline in gas prices.

  5. William Teach says:

    Give it time, give it time. I’m sure the talking points email is being worked on.

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