Daily Archives: October 11, 2006

W Says Dems Would Raise Taxes, Pelosi In DeNile

W is just saying what we all know: "If you want to keep your tax cuts, vote Republican on Nov. 7," Bush said at a fundraiser for former Republican Rep. Mac Collins, who is seeking a comeback to Congress. He is challenging Rep. Jim Marshall (news, bio, voting record), seen as one of the most […]

Terrorism Quiz: I’m Dead.

Risk:80% NUCLEAR53% BIOLOGICAL47% CONVENTIONAL Your above scores indicate your relative risk in each of the 3 main types of terrorism. A score above 50% means you are living with the real possibility of death by that type of terrorism. A score above 75% represents extreme danger. Below 25% means you are most likely safe. Some […]

WTW: Noks Threaten War?

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here. Ya know, there is a series of books by Jack McDevitt which mention a race of aliens called the Noks, who are very aggressive and perpetually at war, depleting their resources and killing off each other. Funny, because there are some Noks here on Earth, who are war like, agressive, and […]

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