W Says Dems Would Raise Taxes, Pelosi In DeNile

W is just saying what we all know:

"If you want to keep your tax cuts, vote Republican on Nov. 7," Bush said at a fundraiser for former Republican Rep. Mac Collins, who is seeking a comeback to Congress. He is challenging Rep. Jim Marshall (news, bio, voting record), seen as one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents.

"Next month, our nation has got this choice to make," the president said. "Do we keep taxes low so we can keep this economy growing? Or do we let the Democrats in Washington raise taxes and hurt the economic vitality of this country? … This decision will have a huge impact on the working people all across the United States of America."

If anyone out there really thinks that the Democrats will simply and only raise taxes on those making $250,000 or more, they are sadly mistaken. Just ask the people of New Jersey, where John Corzine said "no taxes!" then jacked up the taxes.

Democrats live to raise taxes. At their core, they believe your money is not realy yours, but the governments. Unless you are really rich, such as Kerry's wife, the Kennedy's, the Hollyweird, etc.

Granted, without full control of Congress and the White House, it won't happen. But, they can give it a shot, and muck up the works by inserting tax increases into other important and vital legislation. Such as military appropriations.

Consider. The Dems gain the House. There is a very bad natural disaster next year. A hurricane strike in Miami. A bad tornado in Kansas City. An earthquake in San Francisco. The relief bill includes a tax increase, which the Dems refuse to remove, and the GOP will not vote for. Who gets the blame for it not being passed either by the GOP controlled Senate or vetoed by President Bush?

Bush singled out the voting record of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to ridicule her declaration that Democrats "love tax cuts." The president said Pelosi, likely to be House speaker if Democrats win control of that chamber, voted against reducing the so-called marriage penalty, phasing out the inheritance tax and cutting taxes for small businesses and families with children.

"Given her record, she must be a secret admirer" of tax cuts, Bush said of Pelosi, earning appreciative laughs from the friendly audience of GOP donors. "If this is Democrats' idea of love, I wouldn't want to see what hate looks like."

Pelosi, in a statement, fired back: "Democrats have a strong record fighting for tax relief for middle-class families and small businesses that would spur economic growth and expand opportunity for all Americans, not just the privileged few." She said Democrats would "restore fiscal responsibility with pay-as-you-go budgeting, reducing the budget deficits that have exploded as a result of President Bush's failed economic policies."

That's denial. They have zero record on lowering taxes and protecting small business.

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