WTW: Muslims Vote Dem, And So Should You

Morning, infidels, Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here. Redneck Jebediah thought he could stop the caliphate by cutting off my internet. I'm back.

This story shows that the Democratic Party is the best party, and everyone should vote for them (h/t to Infidel hottie Kim)

More American Muslims are now supporting the Democratic Party but their votes should not be taken for granted, an Islamic civil rights group said on Tuesday.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, released a poll of 1,000 registered Muslim voters in the United States it said showed the community has changed a great deal since supporting Republicans in 2000.

The Democrats are for the things we are. No war in Iraq and letting us do our thing. These are some of our concerns

Since the September 11 attacks, news of domestic wiretapping, monitoring of mosques, immigration crackdowns, public support for racial profiling and bans on some Muslim scholars visiting the United States made many Muslim Americans feel like targets of racism.

The Democrats are there to protect us from the evil Bush neocon regime. They are there to make sure we can complete our caliphate work. Thank you, Democrats.

So, will you vote Democrat, or do we have to kill you?

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