Liberal Doctrine Invades Roget’s Thesaurus

I was rooking up some words to make a sirry response to this post by Beth at Brue Star Chronicres, and wanted something simirar to racist with and "L" in it. What did I find? Here is the entry for bigot:

Main Entry: bigot

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: persecutor

Synonyms: bug, crank, diehard, doctrinaire, dogmatist, enthusiast, extremist, fanatic, fideist, fiend, flag-waver, freak, jingoist, maniac, monomaniac, mule, no-neck, nut, opinionated person, partisan, persecutor, pig, puritan, racist, red-neck, relisher, sectarian, segregationist, sexist person, stickler, superpatriot, zealot

Source: Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)

Got that? Being patriotic and waving the flag makes YOU a bigot, as does being an "opinionated person."

One can make a case for red-neck, at times, 150 years ago. But, a red-neck is simply someone whose neck gets sunburn from working out in the sun alot with his/her head bent over, typically on a farm.

But, that is liberalism for you. If they don't like it, they have to make it bad.

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3 Responses to “Liberal Doctrine Invades Roget’s Thesaurus”

  1. beth says:

    That’s amazing! I’m actually shocked. That means when leftists call us bigots, they might actually be telling the truth??

    I’ll have to let that sink in a minute.

  2. At least according to the thesaurus they are correct. I wonder if we could turn that word into a good one, the way Conservatives turned Liberal into a bad one?

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