Iraq Army Takes Control Of Forces Near Fallujah

More good news from Iraq (from DefenseLink)

Iraq’s army took a leap toward greater independent responsibility yesterday when the 1st Iraqi Army Division assumed operational control of another brigade.

Marines and soldiers of Regimental Combat Team 5, based in Fallujah, turned over operational control of Iraqi soldiers assigned to 4th Brigade to the 1st Iraqi Army Division in a ceremony marking the transfer of authority. Iraqi soldiers serving in the brigade operate in joint and independent battle spaces ranging from this small city west of Abu Ghraib to regions north of Fallujah.

“On behalf of the 5,000 Marines, sailors and soldiers of Regimental Combat Team 5, I want to say how special and important today is,” said Marine Col. Larry D. Nicholson, commanding officer of RCT 5.

Nicholson said Iraqi soldiers, or jundi, proved their mettle in the past months by fighting insurgents alongside Marines, sharing in the risks and the victories over terrorism.

“Last week, jundi, Marines and police patrolled the streets of Gharmah,” he explained. “That couldn’t have been imagined two years ago. Marines and jundi have fought together, died together and bled together.”

Iraqi Brig. Gen. Abdullah Abdul Satter Abdul Karem, commander of 4th Brigade, said the transfer from U.S. to Iraqi command was a historic occasion for the brigade, stating his Iraqi soldiers “honor the men of our country.”

“This is an indicator of the level of training of the jundi of 4th Brigade,” Abdullah said. “We are dedicated to building a free Iraq to defeat terrorism.”

Bet ya didn't know that. You will sure not find that news throughout any of the Big Media site. They do not want you to know the good news from Iraq. It would damage that Defeatocrats talking points that Iraq is lost. That it is a quagmire. As stated many times both here and on so many other Conservative sites, the Democrats and all their little liberal/progressive/nutroots minions have stake winning back Congress and the White House on America losing in Iraq, and, by extension, the Global War on Terror.

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3 Responses to “Iraq Army Takes Control Of Forces Near Fallujah”

  1. Maggie says:

    Thanks for continuing to supply us with the “Good News”.

  2. William Teach says:

    Welcome. I just wish I could get the bigger bloggers to cover this stuff.

  3. Indigo Red says:

    I found one – ok, it was Stars & Stripes. I went thru 30 Google pages and found nary a MSM hint of the turn over.

    However, I did find NewsBlaze ( I think this is an on line paper in California. The index includes a listing called Iraq Good News ( Now that HAS to be unique.

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