Tuesday Linkfest: Happy Halloween!

Yes, it is Halloween, and exactly one week till the midterm elections.

Scariest Halloween ever was 1938, after the previous nights broadcast of War of the Worlds, which scared the bejesus out of people, especially those who missed that it was a dramatic broadcast. Remember, people wouldn't be waking up to tons of TV news the next day to find out it was just a story. You can listen to the broadcast, if ye like, here.

When you are out and about today, the scariest words you can here are "hey, y'all. Watch this." If someone near you says that, RUN! Old Southern thing.

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7 Responses to “Tuesday Linkfest: Happy Halloween!”

  1. This Should Be Interesting……

    Yesterday in my Human Relations class, we were assigned a group topic that we must debate.

    As the “draw” sticks came around to select the issue we’d be given, we selected “Pink”.

    Here is the synopsis of our topic which we must debate and def…

  2. Greta says:

    Thanks for the linky love – big Halloween kisses & hugs!

  3. S*xiest Woman Alive – Scarlett Johansson…

    After months of waiting Esquire announces The Sexiest Woman Alive 2006; but I knew this a long time ago. In Touch magazine recently did a scientific study and concluded that Scarlett owned the best pair of br*asts in Hollywood, but months ago I obse…..

  4. linda says:

    You missed one of your fellow NCarolinanians (sp?) PJ Maximum -Uber Conservative. Happy Halloween.

  5. Not familiar with that site. What’s the address?

  6. Hillary Clinton is the Right Man for the Job…

    This was sent to me by an operative in the surveillance field. I am sharing it with friends, family and my readers on a need to know basis. I cannot vouch for its validity, but if it is true, it could very well rock the foundation of this country. T…..

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