North Korea Nukes, Sanctions, And Dumpster Diving

Quick thoughts: 

Yeah, we all know about the supposed North Korean nuke test. I'm not all that worried. Kim Jong Porno is just trying his next form of extortion. The US won't blink, like when Clinton was President, but, will other countries?

The big dog will be China. China's response will be important. Do they want a nuclear armed N. Korea? Will they use their power to stop N. Korea? Because if they don't, they will find that Japan remilitarizes, as they are already attempting to do, and that is the last thing that China wants. China wants to be the premiere power, militarily and economically, in the the Asian theatre.

As far as sanctions go:

The United States proposed stringent U.N. sanctions Monday against North Korea, including a trade ban on military and luxury items, the power to inspect all cargo entering or leaving the country, and freezing assets connected with its weapons programs.

We should also block all shipments of porn to N. Korea, as well as shut off internet service. Kim would freak without his porn.

Of course, the Lefties are all upset that the name Clinton is discussed vis a vis this issue. But, who in the hell do they think gave N. Korea the lite water reactor, with a promise and a wink? Do people really think that N. Korea produced explosive weapons grade nuclear material in the less then 3 years since they took the wraps off the reactor, and built the bomb? Doubtful.

But, let's see how the lefties feel

  • What happened to logic when discussing foreign policy? And what happened to addressing a broader range of issues beyond war? The GOP thinks that they knows what's best when it comes to N Korea and the world but they have forgotten about world hunger and global poverty! Ending that by supporting and addressing the Millennium Goals would definitely be better than discussing some unilateral action against N Korea. Perhaps we could all STAND UP against Poverty this Sunday Oct 15 and really get noticed about issues that actually matter LOGICALLY! (gawdawful funny, these lefties, and where their thoughts go)
  • Anybody who is unaware of how N. Korea became part of the "axis of evil" ought to read how the phrase arose out of a speechwriter's suggestion that "evil" sounded more "theological" than "hatred", the word used in the original draft. And at first there were only two members of the "axis." N. Korea was added as an afterthought, when somebody noticed that axis ought to have more than two points. N. Korea was added so as not to make the whole a thing a slam on Arab countries.

    No surprise that the N. Koreans decided then that the US was an immediate threat TO THEM, and that they needed nukes.

    And now these utter morons are trying to blame it on CLINTON. Sheesh, I hope he is still in his "not going to take any more of their bullsh*t mode." (It's all America's, and particularly, Bush's fault.)

  • This President has been in office almost six years. At what point, if ever, will his administration be held accountable for actions occuring on his watch? (Remind me again what he did wrong? And what you would like him to do? Wasn't Bush who gave the NK's the capabilty to get the material.)

You get the point.

Evening update: F'ing Democrats are simply unbelievable. They just cannot give their BDS a break. Harry Reid said today:

"The reckless and counterproductive actions taken by North Korea must be condemned. The Bush Administration and the international community must ensure that North Korea understands the consequences of its actions. The first step toward ending North Korea's nuclear weapons program must be to ensure that this alleged first nuclear test is also the last.

"Unfortunately, on the Bush Administration's watch, North Korea's nuclear arsenal has grown to as many as a dozen bombs. Distracted by Iraq and paralyzed by internal divisions, the Bush Administration has for several years been in a state of denial about the growing challenge of North Korea, and has too often tried to downplay the issue or change the subject. Now the White House must rally the international community and must directly speak with the North Koreans so they understand we will not continue to stand on the sidelines.

"I urge the president to immediately appoint a senior official to conduct a full review of his administration's failed North Korea policy, develop recommendations to change course, and directly communicate to the North Koreans the consequences of their actions and the administration's new course. On North Korea as in other national security policies, the Bush Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress have made America less secure. It is time for a new direction."

Can you believe this? It is all America's fault, and, specifically, Bush's, that North Korea is run by a wackjob with a nuclear reactor capable of producing weapons grade material. I wonder who gave him that reactor? That is what happened during unilateral talks.

I would like to know how Harry knows that the NK's have upwards of 12 bombs. Did he let slip intelligence from a briefing? Or is he just yapping?

Furthermore, can he offer an alternative to attempting to continue sanctions and six party talks?

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4 Responses to “North Korea Nukes, Sanctions, And Dumpster Diving”

  1. Mike says:

    I wonder who gave him that reactor? That is what happened during unilateral talks.

    Actually, the reactor at Yongbyon was built long before the Agreed Framework came into play as a joint effort between the USSR & North Korea. In fact, the North Koreans were building a larger reactor (the current is 5MWe, the larger was going to be 50MWe), but when the AF came about, they suspended construction of that one.

    A “light water” nuclear reactor uses ordinary “light”, as in weight, water, whereas a “heavy water” reactor uses “heavy” water – deuterium, hydrogen with not only a proton and electron, but also a neutron. Heavy water reactors can be used to make fuel for nuclear weapons much more easily than light water reactors.

    But don’t worry, just as the DPRK didn’t follow through with their obligations under the AF, neither did the US.

    And yes, China has a very difficult decision to make. It’s possible, if they allow North Korea to remain a nuclear state without harsh repercussions, then Japan will re-arm and China will have to deal with them. On the other hand, if China were to cut back on fuel and food aid to the North, it might bring about the collapse of the North Korean government, and that would mean refugees from North Korea coming into China.

    So, they probably need to figure out which bad situation is “better”.

    I still go along with those who say somethings going on in the DPRK, and that something is bad enough that Kim Jong-Il is doing whatever he can to get attention. But I’m no expert. <g>

  2. China is the only one who can influence the Noks, hopefully they will.

    Kim wants stuff, mostly to have sanctions lifted, and this is how he tries to achieve it. Dude is nuts, but the people are completely brainwashed.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Well trhe USA has blinked. Bush said that North Korea would not be allowed to become a nuclear power. It has and Bush has chosen to do nothing, well except for the UN Thing but they have no fangs.

  4. what would you have him personally do?

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