If The Dems Win In 2006

I have noticed interesting debates around the blogosphere regarding what happens if the Democrats win in 2006. Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed had one on this site, and John Lillpop has a very interesting one over at Basil's. And I, for one, believe that there is a good chance that the Democrats will take over the House with the 2006 midterm elections with the Foley scandal. I do not believe that they will get a veto proof majority, or gain the Senate.

So, what do we have to look forward to?

Put simply, they will attempt to push their ultra-Left agenda, as we well know it. They will push tax increases, expanded social programs, taking God out of everything (in violation of the First Amendment), gay marriage, abortion rights, etc. You know the drill. They will try and roll back everything that the Republicans have done over the past six years. Maybe even back to 1994. However, they will not succeed. None of the Bills they pass will make it through the Senate, provided the GOP keeps the Senate. And, if they do, President Bush will finally start whipping out the veto pen. Without a veto proof majority, Dem legislation will die a quick death.

Those who worry about the Fairness doctrine for talk radio, and shutting down free debate on the Internet(s) do not have to worry. Won't happen.

Here though is the danger. While the Democrats social agenda will go down in flames, they can do serious damage to three major American issues: Global War on Terror, protecting America's borders, and the American economy.

The GWOT, and, more specifically, the Iraq operations, will be treated the same way that the Dems did with Vietnam: they will refuse to pass any spending legislation, meaning no money for the operation. Legislation will certainly not even make it on to the Floor. Remember, "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; (Article I, Section 7)." The Senate can propose to add on revenue to Bills as an Amendment, but that would certainly be enough. This is the only way that the Democrats can force President Bush to pull our troops from Iraq. No money, no operations.

They will also convene their little impeachment hearings panels, tying up the President, the V.P., Secretary Rice, Rumsfeld, all manners of miltary commanders, intelligence officers, etc. They will force the commanders in Iraq to come back to the States to testify, and testify, and testify, decreasing command ability in Iraq. People will spend more time with the investigations then with doing their jobs.

Despite all the Democrats whining and complaining about our "borders not being secure" for years, they will not do anything to alleviate this situation. For at least two years, no Bills will be passed that will make our borders more secure. Talk is cheap, and doesn't factor into the reality of what the Dems will do. They prefer open borders. They like illegals to work for them, and to vote for them. If they can, they will stop the fence. They will do little to protect our other borders, and inspect and secure the ports.

You will hear them cry that our soldiers should protect our ports, and, once they force our troops to cut and run in Iraq, they will suggest that they do that, a job for which very, very few are trained. Also, in direct violation of the Posse Comitus Act.

As far as the economy goes, the worst possible thing for the market is instability, and fear. Fear has driven the price of oil up. But there is little fear in other segments of the economy. Stability has allowed the economy to thrive, though. With Dems in charge, there will be considerable instability, and lots of fear over what they may do. That will drive the markets down, drive prices up. Yes, it is a simplistic view, but many economists are saying that the market will drop a minimum of 5% by July if the Democrats gain control of the House. The economy runs not just on facts, but feelings.

The Democrats will certainly blame all this on Republicans. The GOP will have two years to get their sh*t together. The Democrats will have two years to show the American public that their agenda is not the same as the American agenda. Surrender, socialization, abortion on demand, and high taxes are not real winners. The GOP will have to take advantage of that, go back to the Reagan basics, and, for a friggin' change, attack. Fight back. Take the initiative. Stop playing defense like the Arizona Cardinals, i.e, have the defense on the field most of the game, and not be very good at it.

Republicans created this mess. Instead of fighting back, and showing their unwavering support for America, the War on Terror (which includes Iraq), stopping illegal immigration, President Bush, and Conservative values, they have been wishy washy, for the most part. There are some who have been strong, but, for the most part, wishy washy. They should have been out there attacking, and showing their support for the Presidents agenda. The pork and crazy spending have not helped.

President Bush has not been perfect, but, no one ever is. But, you cannot doubt where he stands. Back in the final days of the 2004 campaign, W said "Whether you agree with me or not, you know where I stand and what I believe." It's high time those GOP folks in Congress show the same thing. Because the Democrats will damn sure finally show the American people where they stand, something they have tried to hide for years.

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5 Responses to “If The Dems Win In 2006”

  1. Mike says:

    Actually, I think what’s more likely to happen is that we’ll just slow things down. It happened during Clinton’s time as President.

    The Democrats won’t have a super majority, even if they win both houses, so the items pointed out could be passed, some of them at least, but President Bush will simply veto them.

    Now, there would probably be a bunch of investigations, but, honestly, this government needs to be held more accountable than they’ve been, in my humble opinion.

  2. Mike says:

    And that’s what I get for posting when I’m too tired >_

  3. William Teach says:

    I won’t disagree with gov’t being held accountable, but, it has barely happened in the past, and sure won’t happen if the Dems gain control.

  4. JulieB says:

    Yes, the Dems can win a few seats, but until the party itself figures out “that vision thing”, it will be incoherent as a group.
    There are individuals who have a clue and a voice, but nothing in general.
    You’ll enjoy this though – I will probably vote for the Republican governor. Arnold has decided to what he wants and is pleasing neither party, yet managing to build a little consensus and getting things done.

  5. John Ryan says:

    Bush happily signed onto all of the pork. As for Republican reps hitchening their fortunes to Bush”s at this time the people of theses United States do NOT approve of their elected President. And it is not the Foley mess, it is IRAQ which is getting worse and worse daily. Afghanistan has now reached the “tipping point” according to the Nato commande, and it is not tipping in our favor.http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=2542382

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