Tens Of Thousands March Against Chavez

Kinda puts the whole "World Can't Wait" flop in perspective (from the BBC)

Tens of thousands of people have marched through the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in support of the main opposition candidate, Manuel Rosales.

The story came via Drudge. I decided to take a peek to see if anyone had more detail then the BBC. CNN? No story. MSNBC? Negative. cBS? Nope. ABC? Nyet.

The NY Daily News had a nice little blurb:

"They say the Venezuelan people rule – that's a lie," said Rosales, governor of oil-rich, western Zulia state, who faces Chavez in the Dec. 3 election. "[We have] a government that is a puppet of a Communist, totalitarian system."

Our lefties would love that. What they don't like is anyone saying or writing a story that is not complimentary and fawning about Chavez.

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