Dems Happy “Good News From Iraq” Dried Up

Do you want another reason to vote GOP this November? How about this?

A friend sent me over a link to the RNC site. Curious about what kind of propaganda was so amusing that it would be worthy of sharing, I went to check it out. The section, "Posts on Good News From Iraq" popped up.

While that category, in itself, is laughable, even more noteworthy for the GOP should be the fact that they haven't been able to find something to spin into a post for that category since August.

No, it's not from Kosbat, nor the DU. I did not find it at the Huff Puff, or Common Dreams. Nyet for Truthout or Buzzflash. Or any of the usual suspects. That excerpt comes from the official DNC Blog.

The Braying Asses have based their reelection hopes on America losing in Iraq. They would like nothing less then a complete surrender, with America and her military slinking home with our tails between our legs. They have shown this time and time again, even before the Iraq operations started. Consider that Tracy Russo, as the official blogger, considers good news from Iraq "propoganda."

And, with control of the House, they can make that happen. All they need to do is refuse to pass appropriation bills to fund the Iraq operations. Just like they did with Vietnam.

Still going to sit the election out, or vote for a third party candidate in protest?

And, BTW, there is stll plenty of good news coming from Iraq.

PS: For anyone who thinks I am being a bit melodramatic, just remember H.R. 4232, introduced 11/4/2005.

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2 Responses to “Dems Happy “Good News From Iraq” Dried Up”

  1. the game says:

    keep speaking the truth!!!
    if any of you guys have some time, feel free to check out my blog as well…

  2. linda says:

    If you want the good news, find a milblog and read it! There’s about 1500 listed at

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