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Far be it for a much smaller blogger like me to disagree with Michelle Malkin, but, in regards to her post on Politics and Pulp Fiction, I must disagree.

The post is about George Allen's campaign releasing information about a sexual charged book written by Allen's opponent, James Webb. You can see alot more information on this subject over at Right Wing News. Michelle writes

I don't think, however, that the Allen campaign–couldn't they leave this to surrogates?–should be trafficking in this late October muck. It is beneath them and there's plenty else about Webb that is damning.

Political strategists in the Beltway are exulting that "Webb is toast" as a result of this Drudge/Allen bomb. But if this what Republican Senate candidates need to do to win elections, I don't think any of us should be cheering.

Look, I am not trying to start a blog fight, or even a minor kerfluffle, but, I think we should be cheering. No matter what we want to believe, politics is a nasty business. Always has, and always will be. The current round of disgusting behavior was started by the Democrats with the election of George W. Bush, and has only gotten worse since. I won't go in to specifics, we all know them. But, consider. When Clinton was president, were you able to go and buy calendars that denigrated Clinton en mass in mainstream outlets? Did Republicans call Clinton a traitor, and personally blame him for the first World Trade Center or any of the other terrorist bombings, much less say he was part of a conspiracy to kill Americans?

Didn't think so.

We in the Right-O-Sphere have complained about Republicans not fighting back against the insanity of the Democrats. We shouldn't be surprised when they do, and it gets ugly. Elections tend to be more about perception and sound bites, not ideas and agendas. If they were, the Democrats, with their abortion on demand raise taxes surrender now nanny state ideas and plans would have been toast long ago.

Allen's opponents, Webb, the Nutroots, and the Democratic Party, have never crawled out of the pig sty.

Sometimes you have to get down in the mud to capture that pig.

More: After a day spent off and on viewing blogs and forums, both left and right, as well as catching The O'Reilly Factor with a guest host, I am simply amazed by the number of people who are "surprised, simply surprised!" at how nasty politcs has gotten during this campaign season, especially the past week. They cannot believe the mudslinging in ads and video's.

I just have to laugh out loud, wondering where they have been the past five years, as well as what has happened  for at least a hundred years here in the USA.

I repeat. Politics is a dirty business, and it usually gets really dirty come election time.

And some more for Saturday: Hot Air has a post up with Michelle slamming Smutgate and predicting the Dems will win the House. Well, I still think there is a good change that the Defeatocrats will take the House by a bare majority, but, again, I have no problem sith Smutgate. It's politics.

She also "says the RNC playmate ad about Harold Ford backfired by making him look like “a pretty cool guy.”" Maybe, provided that people focus soley on what amounts to about 5-8 seconds of the whole ad, if I remember correctly from when I cut that part out of the video out.

I'm with Ace:

When Democrats stubbornly refuse to announce their actual positions, how can you actually engage them on "the issues," I wonder?

Rank The Following In Order of Preference:

  • Winning Smart
  • Winning Stupid
  • Losing Smart
  • Losing Stupid

That's my order, right there. Seems some people have a different opinion as regards the second and third most preferred choices.

We're not talking about a Democratic Congress that a GOP President can work with, at least to some degree, like when Reagan was Pres. Today's Dems have added insane, wonkadoodle, and unhinged to their appeasement and surrender pedigree's.

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9 Responses to “It’s Politics”

  1. linda says:

    I think the film of clips that Michael Moore put together (I refuse to call it a movie!) was also responsible for alot of this dump on the president el crapo!

  2. c.a. Marks says:

    MM is nothing but one big soundbyte; IMHO. I have on many occasions disagreed with her or thought she needed to be called back down to size. I have her in my Google news reader but have often thought about pulling her, among others. Don’t feel bad for not agreeing with MSM blogs. Blog on. You rock!

  3. Good News From Iraq Part #5 and Allen/Webb…

    My take is fiction is fiction and writers have great creative license but in conjunction with his previous comments about women, it does show Webb’s affinity for portraying women in a bad light, in his books and in his public comments….

  4. Maggie says:

    I called it….”creative license” … “literary license”. Liberal comeback predicted.

    Webb still used racial slurs….and NOT (maybe) two decades ago!

  5. Linda, Moore also took the moonbats to the cleaners with that trash. He gave them what they wanted, and laughed all the way to the bank.

    C.A., thanks. I just didn’t want it to seem like I was picking one of those fights for traffic.

    Maggie, the libs are all about the smear, of course. That hides what they really stand for politically.

  6. beth says:

    The inability of the President to work with a dem Congress is freightening. They are unhinged and deluded. I have never seen the pure irrational hatred as they have for this president.

    I think it’s cause they got a taste of power during the Clinton years and really really didn’t want to give it up – so in their minds it was ‘stolen’ from them.

    Anyway – I agree with you – politics is a dirty bizniz and nice guys don’t make good politicians. I think Lincoln was hated as bad as Bush (I wasn’t there at the time – but I’ve heard rumors).

    Good post 🙂

  7. On the bright side, there will be very few bills coming out of Congress that get passed which can mess up our lives if the dems take the house and/or the senate.

    On the flip side, you can bet they will start the impeachment hearings on Jan 20, 2007. I hope Bush tells them to go to hell, and that he and the people in the exec branch will not participate.

  8. Ogre says:

    I’m with you, but not for the reasons you list. I think it’s valid for a campaign to use this — not because it’s “fair play” or “dirty,” but because the subject matter IS something that the candidate wrote about. I don’t care that it’s fiction, it’s perverted child-abusing homosexual filth and it shows the character of the author, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

  9. Bingo.

    And many people on TV and in the news are still surprised by how nasty the elections are. It’s like they forget everthing every 2 years.

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