Never To Early For Surrender Candidates

Huzzah! We have the first official Democratic Surrender candidate!

  • News Advisory:
  • WHO: Former United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel
  • WHAT: Major Foreign Policy Address: "Stepping Back From Imperialism: Redirecting American Foreign Policy"
  • WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 1, 7 p.m.
  • Media Availability: At the conclusion of Q & A
  • WHERE: The New Hampshire Institute of Politics, The Auditorium, St. Anselm College, 100 St. Anselm Dr., Manchester, N.H.

None of the others, Kerry, Edwards, Obama, Cankles, etc, have truly announced their Surrender Monkey candidacies as of yet, but, you know they are coming, you know that.

I wonder what kind of dirty book he has writen since 1981, the last time he was in Congress? 🙂

Give it up to him for supporting the Fair Tax initiative, but, deduct points for wanting to surrender in Iraq. He certainly has more detailed plans then the rest of the Democrats.

Some of his ideas are actually interesting, but, sorry Mike, surrender in Iraq and pushing to solve terrorism through strictly diplomatic and police methods is what got us 9/11. You are taking to much of a middle ground to capture enough votes from either side.

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