Dems Wuv Illegals

From Newswire:

"Today, the wheels are officially in motion for construction of the physical barriers and infrastructure along the border. The Secure Fence Act helps secure our border by increasing the physical barriers and by providing state of the art monitoring technology.

"House Republicans are responding to this current crisis and my colleagues and I have traveled to the border. We have seen firsthand how waves of illegal immigrants are able to cross into this country everyday. Our Committee Chairmen have held hearings, and we understand that this easy access for drugs, gangs and possibly terrorists to enter into our country cannot be allowed. That is why House Republicans answered the call and passed the Secure Fence Act.

"We must not forget, even though the wheels are in motion to strengthen border security that Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi (D- Calif.) and 130 of her colleagues voted against the Secure Fence Act. This raises the question: If Democrats ran the House would they gut these border security measures?

"If you look at their record, House Democrats not only support a system of amnesty for illegal immigrants, but they also support opening the southern border to whoever wants to come into our country illegally. This lax view on border security seems to be more of the same from the Democrats. Meanwhile, House Republicans understand there is an immigration problem and will continue to pass strong legislation to secure America's borders, to help fix the problem, and to protect our homeland."

Yeah, some of it can be chalked up to a political stunt, but, isn't that what politicians have done for, well, forever? Yup. All in all, they still, even the weak kneed ones, including President Bush, support tougher measures, heck, measures, on illegal immigration.

Democrats Record on Border Security:

  • -H.R. 4437, the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act, passed 239 to 182, 164 Democrats voted "no", Pelosi voted "no"
  • -H.R. 6061, the Secure Fence Act of 2006, passed 283 to 138, 131 Democrats voted "no", Pelosi voted "no"
  • -H.R. 6095, the Immigration Law Enforcement Act of 2006, passed 277 to 140, 134 Democrats voted "no", Pelosi voted "no"
  • -H.R. 6094, the Community Protection Act, passed 328 to 95, 91 Democrats voted "no"

So, do you want Nancy "support illegals" Pelosi to be Speaker? Guess she needs help at her hotels and wineries, especially in the fields.

Who you going to vote for?

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