Pelosi: We Need A Plan

To continue the Surrender Monkey theme, let's look at Nancy Pelosi:

"In his news conference yesterday, President Bush assured the American people that we are winning the war in Iraq. The President should share the benchmarks that he uses to define 'winning.' Surely they do not include the rapidly increasing U.S. casualty figures, suggestions that even more U.S. troops will be needed in Iraq, or the rejection by the Iraqi government of timelines to accomplish critical goals such as dealing with the militias.

"The President's admission that he is not satisfied with the war will only serve as more empty words unless he finally acknowledges that his policies have failed and adopts a new direction."

Hmmm. "A litany of complaints is not a plan." For all her rhetoric, the presumptive speaker of the House has offered nothing, nor do her Democratic bretheren. Fighting the war on terror is not something they are anxious to do, or even something they want to do. Plans are a foreign concept, and offense is completely unknown to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.


We will protect Americans at home and lead the world by telling the truth to our troops, our citizens and our allies. We believe in a strong national defense that is both tough and smart, recognizing that homeland security begins with hometown security.

Democrats have a plan that is comprehensive– from repairing our military, to winning the war on terror, to protecting our homeland security, to ensuring success in Iraq and freeing America of its dependence on foreign oil–and it will finally prepare America for the security needs of the 21st Century. And we honor the sacrifices our troops, their families and veterans by making sure we take care of them when they come home.

Democrats are unwavering in our commitment to keep our nation safe. For Democrats, homeland security begins with hometown security. That's why we led the fight to create the Department of Homeland Security and continue to fight to ensure that our ports, nuclear and chemical plants, and other sensitive facilities are secured against attack and support increased funding for our first responders and programs like the COPS program so we keep our communities safe. We want to close the remaining gaps in our security by enacting the 9/11 Commission recommendations.

So they say, but, after five years, they have yet to offer any plans in the war on terror, including Iraq, other then saying they have a plan. Oh, don't forget redeployment thousands of miles away from the Middle East, and impeaching the President for fighting the war on terror. Telling the truth apparently means leaking classified douments to news outlets, primarily the New York Times.

Seriously, those three paragraphs represent the whole of the Democrats plan, called "Real Security." Their history shows that "tough and smart" means "sensitive and surrender." Just view the rest of that page, and you can see that it is all about complaints. No substance or ideas.

Democrats can say they fought to create the Department of Homeland Security, but, their votes say otherwise, at least in the House, with over half of Democrats voting Nay.

Basically, Democrats want to play the prevent defense with only two d lineman and undersized DB's. From past performance, they show that they would only 9 players on the field.

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One Response to “Pelosi: We Need A Plan”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Everyone knows that the terrorist ramped up the violence to effect the American election. They think and they may be right that they can get the democrats elected and they will be free to attack anywhere in the world with fear.Why people won’t admit what’s going on is beyond me. The president should come out and announce it to the country. “The terrorist believe they win if the democrats win.” Hopefully we aren’t Spain.

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