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NC GOP Removes Ability For Teachers Union To Collect Dues In Government Paychecks

Obviously, this has sent the North Carolina Association of Teachers into a hissy fit (WRAL) The North Carolina Association of Educators said Thursday that it plans to file a lawsuit against the state after Republican lawmakers engineered a late-night vote targeting the teachers organization. Gov. Beverly Perdue called the General Assembly into special session Wednesday […]

Bummer: The Climate Change (Hoax) Message Is Not Being Heard

So says Warmist Sunny Hundal at the UK Guardian. Fortunately, he provides a few methods to fix that This failure to connect with the public is already having a dire effect on political will to deal with the problem. How should they do things differently? First, the economy matters. With economic stagnation, scarce jobs and […]

If All You See…

…is the notion of people being mutated by global warming, you might just be a Warmist

Bummer: #Occupy Is Really The 1%

Surprisingly, CNN has decided to bitch slap the Occupiers with the cold dead mackerel of reality Americans make up half of the world’s richest 1% The United States holds a disproportionate amount of the world’s rich people. It only takes $34,000 a year, after taxes, to be among the richest 1% in the world. That’s […]

Santorum: Can A “Social Issues” Guy Win In An Election About The Economy?

Now that Rick Santorum has caught fire, coming in second in the Iowa caucuses by a mere 8 votes to Mitt Romney, can he keep that momentum going into New Hampshire and South Carolina? Or, is he the flavor of the week? George Will calls him a “fun candidate“. USA Today says he is within […]

Obama Breaks With Constitution, Appoints Cordray, 3 To NLRB

Let’s not forget, part-time Senator Barack Obama said of recess appointments “‘It’s the wrong thing to do” and a recess appointee is ‘damaged goods… we will have less credibility.’ Except, Congress isn’t actually in recess (The Hill) Obama infuriated Republicans Wednesday by announcing the recess appointment of Richard Cordray to be the first director of […]

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