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Whoa! EU Agrees In Principle To Embargo Iranian Crude Oil

Of course, many of them agreed with the sanctions on Iraq, and some, like France and Germany, gave Iraq banned good. Anyhow (Reuters) European governments have agreed in principle to ban imports of Iranian oil, EU diplomats said Wednesday, dealing a blow to Tehran that crowns new Western sanctions months before an Iranian election. The […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will rise up and swallow small islands, you might just be a Warmist Yeah, I’m still clearing out all the photos I’d saved for future use.

Think Progress Recommends Sticking Climate Realists In A Soviet Gulag

Funny how Progressives always seem to resort to a default position of shutting down political opposition, instead of debating them with ideas, facts, and, oh, showing that they themselves live the lives they say everyone else should live. Witness this by “Guest Blogger” Mike Casey at (Think Progress Green) Currently, fossil fuel industry lobbyists, flacks, […]

Mitt Wins Iowa, Bachmann And Perry Likely To Drop Out

But, Santorum did exceedingly well (Politico) Mitt Romney edged Rick Santorum by a mere eight votes in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses — a margin that amounted to a tie in the crucial opening act of the 2012 presidential race and propelled the newly reshaped contest to New Hampshire and beyond. After a three-way dead heat for […]

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