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Grist: What Would Dr. Seuss Say About Climate Change?

Well, my first guess would be something like “I do not like green crack and Meth, I do not like them beth I am.” Or, perhaps “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells” (that one is a straight quote) (Grist) Late last year, I wrote about the dominance of the tragic “Lorax narrative” […]

Do Stop Signs Contribute To Globull Warming?

This was a burning question for Scarborough, up in Canada (Inside Toronto) Is the rapid spread of stop signs in Scarborough contributing to global warming? The investigation started in November, when Mike Del Grande, councillor for Scarborough-Agincourt, appeared concerned about the number of new stop signs being approved for the area. He asked for a […]

If All You See…

…is evil CO2 releasing beer, you might just be a Warmist Still clearing out the folder with all the downloads

Breaking: Rick Perry To Suspend Campaign Today

Via Mediate CNN political analyst Paul Steinhauser is reporting that Texas Governor Rick Perry is telling supporters that he will drop his bid for the GOP nomination Thursday afternoon, ahead of the South Carolina debate later Thursday night. Steinhauser said that CNN political reporter Peter Hamby has two sources that say Perry will drop out […]

Bummer: NY Times Green Learns The “Pleasures And Pitfalls” Of Solar

Mostly, the Times writer, Craig Leisher, learns the pitfalls For our year living in the woods of Maine, I wanted a place where I could see and hear wildlife. Someplace both quiet and remote. In our part of Maine, quiet and remote means off the electrical grid. Our summer rental cabin had no electricity except […]

Liberal Washington Post Thinks Keystone XL Decision A Bad One

Rather a surprising editorial from the Washington Post. After discussing the background of Keystone XL and Obama’s decision, we get We almost hope this was a political call because, on the substance, there should be no question. Without the pipeline, Canada would still export its bitumen — with long-term trends in the global market, it’s […]

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