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Bummer: Skeptics Guilty Of “Crimes Against Humanity And Nature”

So says a guy who tends to take lots of unnecessary fossil fueled airplane trips in a story about how Warmists are filing freedom of information act requests to see who funds a private Climate Realist group (via Junk Science) (UK Guardian) James Hansen told the Guardian: “Our children and grandchildren will judge those who […]

If All You See…

…is an awesome non-CO2 producing bike, you might just be a Warmist

It’s On: Giants-Patriots

Championship Sunday was possibly the best in my memory, with two games coming down to the wire. The Ravens managed to lose it with a poor field goal attempt in the closing seconds of the 4th, which would have tied the game and sent it to overtime. The game was close throughout, making for a […]

AGW Today: TV Meteorologists Are Apparently “Conspiracy Theorists”

I told you the other day about a new liberal fatwa against meteorologists because they aren’t following the doctrines of the Cult Of Gore. To recap (WCTV) A new campaign, Forecast the Facts (www.forecastthefacts.org), launches Sunday to pressure TV meteorologists to inform their viewers about climate change. The launch coincides with the kick-off of the […]

Gingrich Is A Master Of Disguise Or Something

So says The Politico The surging Newt Gingrich has mastered debates — and disguise. The debate part is clear: The former Speaker of the House comes to play and owns the stage with an uncanny capacity to connect with the grievances of conservative voters. The disguise part is clear, too. Gingrich has used his debate […]

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