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RON PAUL!!!!1!!! Flashback: Civil War Was Senseless

An interesting article from Philly.com Paul is in party of Lincoln, but rejects what he stood for Can Ron Paul make Abe Lincoln a villain – in the Party of Lincoln? Why would he try in the first place? And who would help him? In all the attention that has surrounded the presidential candidacy of […]

OWS Squatters Trash House

Just like the Tea Party (via OWS Exposed and Marathon Pundit) (Fox Spokane) The Occupy squatters who were evicted from a Seattle home by a SWAT team left behind a mess this week. They took over a vacant house around Thanksgiving and covered the walls with graffiti. It took the owner months, and a court […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful tree saving Gaia from Mankind, you might just be a Warmist

Here We Go: Warmists Finally Going After Methane

They’re realizing that people aren’t buying into the “CO2 will kill us all!!!!!!1!!!!!” meme anymore, considering the Earth had 15 years of warming followed by 15 years of stagnant temps, despite increases in CO2. And that we keep being treated to Warmists falsifying the data. So, time to look elsewhere (The State Column) In the […]

Politico Notices That A GOP Win In November Could Mean The End Of ObamaCare

Of course, since so many liberals and liberal companies have already received waivers, it wouldn’t mean all that much to themselves (Politico) Think the Supreme Court is where the future of President Barack Obama’s health care law will be settled? Think again. The real verdict on the future of Obama’s signature achievement will come in […]

Huntsman To End Campaign, Endorse Romney

Well, this is a surprise, he ran such a great campaign, what with him following the tried and true primary season plan where the candidate panders to independents and moderates….what’s that? They are supposed to pander to the base? Well, darn. Well, at least he went and attacked President Obama….huh? He said in his running […]

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