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Bummer: Dealers Not Really Interested In Carrying Chevy Volts

I’m kinda shocked: doesn’t every sales organization want to allocate space on their “shelves” for craptacular products? (via Tom Nelson) (Automotive News) Some Chevrolet dealers are turning down Volts that General Motors wants to ship to them, a potential stumbling block as GM looks to accelerate sales of the plug-in hybrid. For example, consider the […]

If All You See…

…is water being wasted on an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist

Warmist Organization “Forecast The Facts” Funded By George Soros

Anthony Watts and Anthony A. Lewis did the hard work in connecting the operation to smear TV meteorologists who do not follow the Warmist doctrine to all sorts of hard left progressive organizations. Quite frankly, I simply assumed that they were. It’s funny, Warmists are calling for a climate realist think tank to be forced […]

Surprise! Obama Doesn’t Want The 2012 Election To Be About His Own Incompetence

And you will never guess whose playbook he will use (Fox News) As President Obama prepares to rev up his re-election drive with his third State of the Union address Tuesday night, he and his aides have already begun framing the fall contest as a “choice” election, not a simple up-or-down referendum on his own […]

Larry Summers Economic Memo To Obama: The Stimulus Was Never About Stimulus

The New Yorker has a lengthy piece on Barack Obama and his rise to power (which never seems to mention starting his political career in the living room of unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers), making Obama out to be some sort of anointed one who always spoke about Americans coming together, but, gosh darnit, too […]

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