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Congrats To The Troglopundit!

His 5,000th post! Here’s some sweet, sweet Danica as a reward

NHL Players Association Nixes Realignment Plan

Apparently, the players weren’t too happy with the plan (USA Today) The NHL announced Friday that it won’t go ahead with realignment in 2012-13 because it says the players association won’t agree to the new format. The change to a four-conference setup was approved 26-4 in December by the NHL’s board of governors. Under the […]

If All You See…

…is (Someone else’s) evil iPhone killing Gaia, you might just be a Warmist

Eugene Robinson: Extreme Rick Santorum Shouldn’t Be Let Near White House

One thing that I have missed during the King Obama years has been the truly unhinged lefties being unhinged. They were a lot more fun when Bush was president, but, hey, with the 2012 silly season in full swing, they are coming out of the woodwork (Washington Post) Before there was the Tea Party to […]

“Climate Change Castaways” Have Long Years To Wait

This story jumped up and hit me when I took my morning perusal of Memeorandum, seeing what the big stories of the day are, so, I didn’t have to hunt around for an unhinged Warmist story (Sydney Morning Herald) THE President of what could be the first country in the world lost to climate change […]

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