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Palin Tells Bachmann To Give It Up

I know many folks are a bit tired of me going after Ron Paul, so, how about some Sarah Palin bashing instead? Via Hot Air comes this quote “As for Michelle Bachmann. She has a lot to offer, also, but I don’t think it is her time this go around. And I believe that unless […]

If All You See…

…is an evil iPhone sucking up energy and destroying the climate, you might just be a Warmist

Cult Of Gore Jumps The Hybrid-Shark

I’ve always hated the phrase “jumped the shark.” It was entirely overused in past years. And, when it comes to anthropogenic global warming, they jumped the shark years ago. And continue to jump even bigger ones. But, this time, they have literally jumped the shark (story via Tom Nelson through James Delingpole) (Yahoo News) Scientists […]

Iowa Caucuses Today: What Comes Next?

It’s finally here, the long, long, long talked about Iowa Caucuses. What comes next? (USA Today) Republican presidential candidates have been warming up for months for tonight’s Iowa caucuses. The results will start a sprint — or a marathon. For more than three decades, the opening contest here in Iowa has narrowed the Republican field […]

GOP To Use Obama’s Own Words Against Him For Election 2012

Obviously, doing this will not only upset Democrats because Obama’s words are being used in context, but, will be surely called raaaaacist (ABC News) On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, the Republican National Committee is touting an expansive new video database that party operatives say is their most potent weapon for attacking President Obama […]

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