“Climate Change Castaways” Have Long Years To Wait

This story jumped up and hit me when I took my morning perusal of Memeorandum, seeing what the big stories of the day are, so, I didn’t have to hunt around for an unhinged Warmist story

(Sydney Morning Herald) THE President of what could be the first country in the world lost to climate change has urged Australia to prepare for a mass wave of climate refugees seeking a new place to live.

The Maldivian President, Mohamed Nasheed, said his government was considering Australia as a possible new home if the tiny archipelago disappears beneath rising seas.

”It is increasingly becoming difficult to sustain the islands, in the natural manner that these islands have been,” he told the Herald in an interview in Male, the Maldives capital.

In other words, a bit of hysterical hyperventilation designed to produce a shakedown, because the Earth has apparently been stagnant for the last 4.5 billion years…..say, how did the Maldives come into creation in the first place? What’s that? You say that the sea level was much higher, thereby allowing corals to create the 1200 islands, then the seas retreated? And have done that many times? Well, blind me with science.

Eighty per cent of the Maldivian land mass – a string of more than 1200 islands, 200 inhabited, running 750 kilometres north-south in the Indian Ocean – is less than a metre above sea level. The highest point in the entire country is 2.4 metres above sea level, and already, 14 islands have had to be abandoned because of massive erosion by the sea.

Well, yeah, they are islands. They erode. The ocean is always doing something. That’s the nature of the planet. Nothing anthropogenic about it.

Tim Blair points out that a) President Nasheed just attended a ceremony to make the construction of a new airport (hey, aren’t planes bad for globull warming?) and b) they sure like themselves some heroin in the Maldives. Also, the Maldives have a rising Islamist issue.

Oh, and as The Hockey Schtick points out, sea level rise is pretty much within the norm of the last 7 thousand years.

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4 Responses to ““Climate Change Castaways” Have Long Years To Wait”

  1. Word says:

    On the big island of Hawaii their are historical sea rings showing the depths of the ocean over the historical past of the world.

    The ocean was up to 42 feet higher then it is today…..yet at no time was the ice in Greenland ever fully melted. IN fact at no time in the past was the ice even remotely melted in the South pole.

    Conclussion….where Hansen is coming up with his data and why he actually expects people to buy into the fact that we are going to see a 200 Centimeter rise in earths oceans as predicted by the IPCC….who have since said uh…well….uh ….perhaps….uh you know we mighta exxagerated a bit.

    In reality…..the earths oceans will rise…..Earth is IN A PERIOD OF WARMING….a result of the end of the last glacial age……ice is melting, climate is changing as MORE water pours into the seas, lakes, rivers, oceans and underground resevoirs around the world.

    Climate is changing as a plaent that has SPRUNG TO LIFE as a result of the WARMING from the last glacial period is now expelling more and more co2 into the biosphere.

    and it its own time mother earth will fix this problem as she has many times in the past….by freezing up, covering up and carbonizing the carbon on the planet….returning to its natural balance.

    385-450 PPM of CO2 is INSIGNIFICANT in the grand scheme of things mother earth has had to deal with over the eons.

    Thats why we are all laughing at the absurdity of the “CHICKEN LITTLE” AGW crowd….led by Hansen, Jones, Mann, GORE….et al.

  2. sdog says:

    You heartless slurpee-sipping racist Right-Wing Death Beasts.

    Will no-one think of the 50 million missing climate change refugees?!?!?!


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  4. Im obliged for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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