NFL Players Union Whines About Right To Work Bill

Easy for them to say when they make a boatload of money, eh?

(Washington Post) The NFL Players Association is opposing Indiana Republicans’ efforts to pass a divisive labor bill before the nation turns its attention to the state for the Super Bowl.

The players association said Friday that Indiana Republicans are trying to “ram through” the legislation before Indianapolis hosts the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

Can anyone explain how a right to work bill can be “divisive”? Making it so people are not forced to join a union, giving people a choice? Furthermore, most RTW states make non-compete clauses invalid. Sounds like a good deal for the little guy over big unions and big business, eh?

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2 Responses to “NFL Players Union Whines About Right To Work Bill”

  1. Ken E. says:

    One must remember their heads get a lot bumps…it has an effect on brain and the operation of it….what other conclusion…..//

  2. A.Men says:

    Remember the players making multi-millions a year are on “the plantation”…

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