Do Stop Signs Contribute To Globull Warming?

This was a burning question for Scarborough, up in Canada

(Inside Toronto) Is the rapid spread of stop signs in Scarborough contributing to global warming?

The investigation started in November, when Mike Del Grande, councillor for Scarborough-Agincourt, appeared concerned about the number of new stop signs being approved for the area.

He asked for a report on “possible environmental impacts” of increased stopping these traffic controls may cause, including pollution and their carbon footprint, a measurement of how much greenhouse gas they add to global warming.

And the answer?

City of Toronto staff were given two months to find out, but couldn’t.

Regardless, this was a typical waste of taxpayer money in an investigation of a fake issue. My question is, how much fuel did they waste in this fruitless adventure, and, did anyone consider how much CO2 they would generate while investigating?

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