Bummer: The Climate Change (Hoax) Message Is Not Being Heard

So says Warmist Sunny Hundal at the UK Guardian. Fortunately, he provides a few methods to fix that

This failure to connect with the public is already having a dire effect on political will to deal with the problem. How should they do things differently?

First, the economy matters. With economic stagnation, scarce jobs and squeezed incomes predicted for several years in western countries, people will increasingly ask whether they can afford policies to deal with global warming. Public opinion could turn sourer if claims that jobs must be prioritised over global warming start to resonate wider.

Scientists and environmentalists need to place a greater emphasis on the economic dangers of not dealing with the problem: household bills will rise exorbitantly if we don’t invest in alternative energy; dealing with disruptive climate change will cost us billions and drive up food prices across the world.

So says Madame Zelda. Anyhow, household bills and food costs are going up exactly because of idiotic AGW policies, such as turning food into fuel.

Second, the language needs to change. Phrases such as “climate justice”, association with anti-capitalist messages and a focus on living like a hermit are part of the problem. These approaches may be right and have appeal to some groups of people but not only reach the already converted: the drop in support for action on global warming is more on the right (especially in the US) than the left.

How about simply calling it “anthropogenic global warming”? Oh, that didn’t work when the temperatures refused to go up with the CO2 levels? Darn it!

Talk about solutions rather than focusing on doom. A recent paper, titled Fear Won’t Do It, by the Tyndall Centre found that sensational representations of climate change “can successfully capture people’s attention” but also disengage them and “render them feeling helpless and overwhelmed”.

And, that is pretty much it. Can you guess what is missing? Well, Sunny mentioned talking about solutions for Other People, but, nowhere does he mention that Warmists should actually live the lifestyle they say Everyone Else should live. Nor does he mention that he himself will follow the Principles of Gore.

Oh, and look, the comment I left at the Guardian article at 3:24pm UK time mentioning the failure of Warmists to live their lives in accordance with their principles was deleted. Guess the Warmists, or Sunny, couldn’t abide by being called out. Apparently, recommending Sunny and the Warmists live the life is “personal” attack.

More: And now my comments are being “premoderated”. Obviously, the UK Guardian doesn’t like to be called out for deleting a comment like I left, which was neither abusive or attacking anyone. Now, it is a privately owned company, but, kinda funny that they do not want me calling out Warmists for failing to live the life, despite the article being in the “Comment is free” section.

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One Response to “Bummer: The Climate Change (Hoax) Message Is Not Being Heard”

  1. mojo says:

    Also missing: What I shall dub “Mojo’s Law” – People are not all THAT stupid. They eventually manage to figure out when they’re being played, and they don’t like it.

    Lincoln had it right.

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