Blogging Pro Tip: Always Copy A Post Before Posting

Have you ever hit the “post” button and seen your site go “kablooie”? Perhaps your server goes down and you get a 403 error, or the SQL is really slow to respond, and you get kicked to your main site with the message “what you are looking for is not found”. Or some other issue. Maybe Firefox crashes. Or, you didn’t notice that some sort of auto update was going to force a restart.

Well, whatever the reason, if it is a big post, or, something you are really proud of, click HTML tab in WordPress (or however you get to HTML in your program), and copy! Don’t depend on it being automatically saved and put into draft mode. Maybe it didn’t. Maybe you were logged out due to an expiring cookie and only half was saved. Don’t take the chances. Personally, when I put together most of my Sunday Patriotic Pinup post, I always copy and paste into a text file before hitting Save Draft (I usually do this Saturday night), and do the same when I am done and about to hit Publish on Sunday morning. Be safe. Like most bloggers, I’ve lost some posts, and I guarantee, when it happens to you, it will be one of the best you ever wrote. Or something with a ton of links that took a long time to put together.

Speaking of blog tips, Ink Rebels, which has some pretty good pro-tips, offers up 10 Ways To Overcome Blog Procrastination, which would be in the Super! category, if only it wasn’t the last post posted on 10/29/10.

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11 Responses to “Blogging Pro Tip: Always Copy A Post Before Posting”

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  2. captainfish says:

    OMG, I hate it when that happens. Written up some of my best posts.. and then PWOOF!!

    And up writing a single paragraph as the daughter of that thought-wave.


    Sorry, mate!!

  3. I haven’t lost one in a long time. Came damn near writing most of the Patriotic Pinup last night, because the server was slow in responding, but, I always copy and save in a text file for those posts first. Which was good, because only about 2/3rds was saved.

  4. DCE says:

    I learned that lesson a long time ago. That’s why I always use a word processing program or text editor to write the post, then copy and paste it into the editing window. Then even if the site goes ‘kablooie!’ you’ve still got the post available and don’t have to write it again. I’ve saved myself all kinds of grief by not composing the post in my blog’s editing window.

  5. “Expiring Cookies?” Sigh. I have so much to learn about WordPress and in general how things happen in the InterTubes. Unfortunately, I am very familiar with losing my work, and I always yell at myself for not doing exactly what you suggest.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  6. “Expiring Cookies?” Had no idea they could cause a meltdown. I’ve certainly lost my share, and I vow to always do just as you suggest and copy the post before posting. Then I don’t. This is a good reminder!

  7. The Watcher says:

    I’ve been lucky so far in that I haven’t lost a post this way. Usually, for my bigger, ‘more important’ posts I’ll type them up in Word and then transfer them over to Blogger. Little posts I’ll just type right into Blogger, and if they get lost, they’re not too tough to re-do.

  8. I used to do the same thing when I was on Typepad, Watcher and DCE, there were sometimes big problems with saving and crashing.

    What happens with your cookies with WP, Maggie, is all of a sudden you might get logged out, since the cookies do not last that long. I probably have to re-login to my site, Right Wing News, and Stop the ACLU about ever 2-3 weeks.

    • Thank you for that William. I didn’t know that I could be logged-out. Speaking of Stop the ACLU, I must get back to posting there. With my website problems and getting the new blog up, I haven’t cross-posted anywhere.

  9. Welcome.

    Every once in a while while writing a post, check down at the bottom right where it should say “draft saved.” It might say “alert! You are logged out! Login here”. If it does, copy the html. What should happen is a new page being opened up, then you login, and it takes you back to the post. No need to close down the first page till you have your post back up and running.

    Also, it can alert you to server issues, because it will say “saving draft…” and never get to “draft saved”

    You site seems to be running pretty fast now. Still having some issues?

  10. I’ll keep my eye on the bottom right. Yesterday the site was down again for about an hour. They told me it would take 24-36 hours. Today it has zipped along and I’m glad to know that it is loading well for you.

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