TSA Groping Debate Takes A Turn Down Silly Street – Tampons Look Like Dynamite

I probably should have forwarded this one over to Cassy Fiano and the awesome duo of Lori Ziganto and Jenn  Q. Public, as they love smacking the left wing “feminists” around, but, sorry, keeping it for myself, too funny

Does TSA Think Tampons Are A Security Risk?

Yes, that is the actual headline from the “Feminist Peace Network, which had read this bit in a NY Times article

Do the imagers, for example, detect sanitary napkins? Yes. Does that then necessitate a pat-down? The T.S.A. couldn’t say. Screeners, the T.S.A. has said, are expected to exercise some discretion.

Obviously, this brings some feminsta barking moonbattery

Discretion??  They are leaving this up to screeners so young they still have pimples or that bear a resemblance to your creepy uncle who everyone avoids? And what about tampons?  They look kind of like sticks of dynamite. Are they going to ask us to pull them out and show them just to be sure?

WharblGarble. I must say, I agree with the discretion part from the Feminist Peace Network, albeit without the histrionics. That said, a stick of dynamite looks absolutely nothing like a tampon.

Yeah, I’m not seeing the resemblance, either.

Now, maybe a dildo looks like a stick of dynamite. Perhaps the feminista Obama supporters could hit the security line with this. Cant wait till the first passenger is caught with a set of Ben Wa Balls.

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5 Responses to “TSA Groping Debate Takes A Turn Down Silly Street – Tampons Look Like Dynamite”

  1. Kevin says:

    Kinda looks like an M-80 though.

  2. captainfish says:

    You’d be surprised Kevin. Have you seen how explosive those tampons are when they go off?? Seen one guy’s hand torn off once. He got it in the wrong spot and BLAM!!

    Well, it was either the tampon or the chic with the gun. Still haven’t figured out which.

  3. Like I'd Tell You says:

    I have glass Ben Wa Balls and a set of LELO’s Luna Beads, like Ben Wa Balls but with stainless steel balls inside. I’m flying tomorrow.
    Which should I pick? Or all of the above?

  4. I’d say go with the Ben Wa Balls, since the glass should make it through screening 🙂

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