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Let’s Build New Nuke Plants And Paint Things White To Stop Climate Change!

Actually, these are two good ideas to implement, regardless of whether the Hysterics want them in order to stop AGW. First: Reactivating Nuclear Reactors for the Fight against Climate Change The federal government echoes those sentiments. The Bush administration pushed though loan guarantees, whereby the costs of delays in construction would be paid for by […]

Dumbass Of The Day

Definitely a product of our public education system, soon to be flipping burgers A 15-year-old Longs girl was charged as a juvenile with six charges that included perjury after she gave police several fake names and identification at a Myrtle Beach area club, according to a police report. The teen flagged an officer down at […]

ACLU Says No To Gitmo Detainees In Colorado

Aren’t you just thrilled that the ACLU assigns American rights to non-US citizens captured on the battlefields around the world fighting and wearing no uniforms? Politicians in Colorado are split over the chance detainees from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, could be imprisoned at the Supermaxfederal detention facility in Florence. Some say Supermax can handle Gitmo suspects […]

Nutty Charlie Brooker Is Back Talking About Obama Being Shot

You remember Charlie Brooker, right? He’s the guy who ruminated about someone shooting President Bush if he was re-elected. And now he writes Last week I watched the most frightening horror movie I’ve ever seen. It was about three hours long, and, incredibly, it all unfolded live. I’m talking, of course, about the inauguration of […]

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