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Welcome To The New Spending Plan

I wonder if any Republicans will have the cajones to stand up against some of the insanity, which you can see over at Townhall. A few choice bits $300 million to provide rebates for people who purchase Energy Star products – seems like people are already getting “rebates” for making a wise purchase $600 million […]

H.R. 45: Here Comes Gun Control

I said it several times, it wasn’t Obama you had to worry about, but Nancy Pelosis’ House, when it came to gun control. Sure, Obama will easily sign it, unlike what Bush would have done, but, here we go! H.R. 45: Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (Introduced in House) […]

AGW Has Created Spinning Ice In The UK

Massive 10ft Spinning Ice Circle Discovered in the UK It’s no secret that people in the UK are forever complaining about the weather, but it seems this week they were well within their rights. For the first time ever a rare phenomenon usually only seen in extremely cold countries was spotted on the River Otten […]

Obama Breaks Another Promise. This Time On Osama

Change You Count On Changing When It Changes Because It Changes Because Change Is Hard To Change (my brain hurts now). And, of course, the story comes from overseas, where the media is not so besotten with hopeiness of The One: Barack Obama: it is no longer essential to kill Osama bin Laden Barack Obama […]

David Milband: Calling It “The War On Terror” Was A Mistake

But, before you go “@#$&*$ you, David, you must be a terrorist lover!,” let’s sit back for a moment and consider. ‘War on terror’ was wrong: The phrase gives a false idea of a unified global enemy, and encourages a primarily military reply Seven years on from 9/11 it is clear that we need to […]

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