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NASA Tells Barry To Nuke Australia For Global Cooling

Say, remember that letter that James Hansen wrote to Barry and Michelle Obama (why in the hell is Michelle included? Last time I checked, she was simply going to be the First Lady)? Well, he has expanded on it, and it is now on the Interebz. And the Aussies get a boatload of the blame […]

Hamas’ Az-Zahar: Kill The Jewish Children

I wonder how the Hamas/Islamist apologists on the Left will spin this? [Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Az-Zahar] leader called to murder Israelis and Jews worldwide, including children. “The Israelis have sentenced their children to death… They have legitimized the killing of their people all over the world,” he said. Hamas’ platform calls for all Jews to […]

Diane Feinstein: Leon Panetta Terrible Pick

You have to respect the fact that Diane is facing reality, unlike so many leading Democrats, and, interestingly, CNN goes with a word in a headline one rarely sees in relation to a Democrat: “slams” Feinstein slams Obama CIA head pick Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Senate’s incoming Intelligence committee chair, slammed President-elect Barack Obama’s choice of […]

AGW Today: Science? Here’s Your Science

Climahysterics constantly scream for facts, proof, science!!!!!! from those of us who do not believe that the warming of the Earth was caused mostly or solely by Man*, yet, rely on proclamations by Al Gore and the bureaucrats at the United Nations for their information. How ’bout this? Thanks to a rapid rebound in recent […]

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