Daily Archives: January 24, 2009

Obama Count

So, let’s see: not even one week since the coronation, and Obama has already signed an order putting a temporary halt to G’itmo detainee trials, which was pretty much his second order. The first was signing a proclamation declaring 20 January 2009 a national day of renewal and reconciliation. signed an order closing Guantanamo Bay […]

Consensus: AGW Just Not A Concern For Americans

The anthropogenic global warming hysterics always talk about consensus. Well, how’s this? A new poll suggests that Americans, preoccupied with the economy, are less worried about rising global temperatures than they were a year ago but remain concerned with solving the nation’s energy problems. The findings are somewhat at odds with President Obama, who has […]

The Visitors Were Around To Witness Barry And History

I wonder what John Podesta was doing at the time? Did he send some really long distance invites? UFO sees Obama become President ASTONISHING video of a UFO flying over President Barack Obama’s historic inauguration has appeared on the internet. The video shows a dark object flying past the Washington Monument as nearly two million […]

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