Obama Count

So, let’s see: not even one week since the coronation, and Obama has already

  • signed an order putting a temporary halt to G’itmo detainee trials, which was pretty much his second order.
  • The first was signing a proclamation declaring 20 January 2009 a national day of renewal and reconciliation.
  • signed an order closing Guantanamo Bay detention center, but has no idea where to put the jihadis
  • signed an order closing CIA “black sites.” In the process, he told the world how many there were, which was, you know, secret
  • Blew off Medal of Honor recipients
  • Reversed policy which had previously stopped federal money from being used for abortions, including abortions around the world
  • Blew off bipartisanship, which he had promised would be part of his administration (say, has he nominated a Republican for anything yet?)
  • Got in a spat with a reporter who actually asked him a tough question
  • Sided with Bush in a spying case
  • Bombed Pakistan
  • Goes after a private citizen engaged in Free Speech
  • Sent Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy to the hospital (OK, not Barry’s fault, but, if Bush can be blamed for everything…..)
  • Pissed off press photogs by not inviting them to take some photos of him and Rham Emanuel in the Oval Office for the first time
  • Called Mahmoud Abbas as his first overseas call as President
  • Tightened the rules on lobbyists in his administration, then blew them off and hired a lobbyist

And that was all before the weekend. And just to make it all special, he has recieved a special blackberry to allow him to continue his addiction. I have no problem with it, but, I wonder who paid the $3,000 for it, plus for the service? Something like that should come out of his pocket, and, yeah, I would say the same for any Repubican.

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3 Responses to “Obama Count”

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  3. Michael says:

    Barry certainly can be blamed for Robert Byrd medical condition.

    Byd’s repressed KKK blood suddenly realized the a black man just became president and that news sent him to the hospital.

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