Daily Archives: January 2, 2009

Photo’s From Israel Smacking Hamas Around

Some photo’s found while scrolling through Yahoo News. The first is my favorite The original caption: Israelis look out towards the northern Gaza Strip from a hill near the southern town of Sderot during an air strike, January 1, 2009. I love that the chubby on the left is using airstrikes to try and cop a feel from […]

Israel May Send In Ground Forces

A story to make all the Israel/Jew haters heads explode: Israel Launches Fresh Attacks in Seventh Day of Fighting Israel bombed a mosque and the homes of at least half a dozen Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip on Friday and allowed foreign passport holders to leave the ravaged territory, as speculation rose that a […]

AGW Today: Hanson Says All The Measures Taken To Stop Climate Change Stink

Let’s see: Climahysterics and Bush haters around the USA and the world have whined about Bush pulling the US out of the Kyoto Protocol, which we were never in to start with, of course, and now we have one of the Climahysterics favorite loons saying this Current approaches to deal with climate change are ineffectual, […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: Oh, Those Peaceful Liberals

One just has to love those peaceful, peace loving liberals. Usually, they are what are referred to as “stationary targets.” But, not in the Home of Liberalism/Progressivism. They are also what are commonly referred to as “criminals,” or, in their vernacular, “candidates for rehabilitation” It’s been more than three monthsand the rainy season has begun, […]

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